Summer suited lipstick choices

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Left to right: Ohh La La, Brighton Rock

Topshop lipsticks and I have a love hate relationship. Sometimes, I absolutely adore them and can't stop using them, and other times they find themselves right at the back of my lipstick collection. 
Topshop lipsticks are semi matte, which is why I think I go through phases with them, as matte lipsticks really aren't my cup of tea mainly because they feel like they are drying my lips out. Give me a really moisturising lipstick that's more on the glossy side and I'll snap it up, whereas with matte lipsticks it's a whole different story. However I've found that the formula of these lipsticks isn't whatsoever drying, and as they aren't completely matte I really like using them
Ohh La La is a peachy shade, with an almost neon tone to it. I'm not really in to wearing really bold lipsticks so I like to apply a little bit and then blend out with my fingers for a much more toned down look. 
Brighton Rock is a very bold fuchsia pink, which similar to Ohh La La, I only apply a little bit of, which leaves a really pretty pink on my lips, without going too far out of my comfort zone.
Topshop seem to have expanded their shade range, so if neither of these really suit your fancy, I can guarantee you will be able to find one you like in the shop. 
I think these are perfect for spring/summer when you want to put away all the dark purples and reds and crack open the bright, fun colours for the sunny seasons. 
Lily Mint