Body Shop Haulin'

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Body Shop and I have a love hate relationship, I absolutely love their products, yet hate how whenever I go in, I always come out with a full shopping bag and completely empty purse, it's just too hard to resist!
Over the Christmas period, The Body Shop were doing some absolutely amazing deals, that I couldn't not take advantage of, and as a result I ended up with 12 new products, which I just have to share!
I am a complete hoarder when it comes to their shower gels, so I decided to pick up four more (no surprise there). I went for, Moringa, Vineyard Peach, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit. As you can see, I absolutely adore these! The smell is incredible, and I've found that the scent actually lingers on my skin hours after the shower, which is always a good thing!
I was seemingly on a bit of a Moringa hype, because I also picked up the Moringa Body Sorbet, and also the Moringa Hand Cream. I went for sorbet over lotion purely because I think sometimes the lotions can be a little bit heavy on my skin, and don't seem to sink in as rapidly as the sorbets do. I also went for the Moringa hand cream, as my hands are definitely victims of the cold weather this Winter, and need a little TLC to get them back on track.
The last of the body care items is the Vineyard Peach Body Scrub. The Vineyard Peach scent is one of my favourites from the Body Shop, so when I saw this on their website half price, it was straight in my basket. It smells incredible, and works really well a keeping my skin soft and smooth.
My skincare routine has been all over the place recently, and the majority of the time I've been committing the ultimate skincare sin by skipping cleanser all together and just using a makeup wipe all over my face, which is why I decided to update my routine. I went for the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, the Vitamin E Moisture Serum and the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I hate to be that person, but you're going to have to wait for my Skincare Routine post for a full review on each of these products (I promise it'll be worth the wait).
Finally, over Christmas, The Body Shop brought out two Christmas scents, one of which was Glazed Apple. I completely fell in love with it, yet as I clearly already have enough body products, I decided to get it in a room spray. This was really great as it kept my room smelling festive during the holidays.
I think its time I went on a Body Shop spending ban for a while, because I don't think my purse can withstand another trip to the Body Shop for a while!
Lily xx

Blog Organisation Tips

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some people may argue that me giving organisation tips is like the blind leading the blind, and a lot of the time I wouldn't disagree. However, although I am very un-organised with homework, revision and anything school related, I'm actually not half bad at keeping up to date with my blog. So I decided to share my tips and tricks on how to stay organised with your blog. Enjoy!
1) Get a 2015 Diary- A diary is a great way to plan posts weeks, and if you really want to be organised, even months in advance! I'm often stuck for ideas on what to post next, so if I plan in advance, I can just get on with it! It's also great for scribbling down dates you need to remember, and plans you've made for the coming weeks (for those of you who are not only un-organised, but forgetful as well!) Anyway, who doesn't love going shopping for a new diary at the beginning of the year!
2) To Do Lists- Making 'to do' lists is the only way I get through life without drowning in the amount of work I have to do. Using them means I keep up to date with everything I need to do, and don't forget to do something. I like to use these little post it notes, but if you're all about the technological way of life, try the 'Do!' App , it's amazing for the times you remember something you have to do while you're out, as you can just note it down on one of their super cute to do lists.
3) Upload day- This is something I've only recently discovered, but it actually helps so much! Usually I would just upload spontaneously on random days, and I'm not saying I'm going to stop doing that all together. But having one set upload day means that I will at least get one post up a week, helping me to keep up to date with posts! My upload day with be a Saturday from now on, so look out for new posts every week!!
I hope this somewhat helped you in blog organisation, I am living proof that it actually works, as I've been uploading more regularly and I'm not forgetting pictures I need to take or posts I need to write!
Happy 2015,
Lily xx