My Summer Essentials for 2014

Thursday, 31 July 2014

 Hey everyone,
In the spirit of Summer I decided to show you my essentials for the sunny months.
Whether you're at the beach or just in your garden, a good book is a must have for Summer. The book I'm (re)reading at the moment is IT by Alexa Chung. This is pretty much the bible of all things cool. It's a super easy read and is full of great fashion and beauty tips. Still trying to find that perfect Summer read? Don't worry, Alexa's got your back!
The next essential is a lip balm with an spf, to protect your lips from the sun. I like to use the Nivea Hydro Care balm, which has an spf of 15, so I don't have to worry about getting burnt lips when I'm sunbathing!
Another product that I think is a must have for the sunny months is a bright nail varnish. During Summer you'll never see my sporting a nude or muted nail varnish, it's all about the brights in Summer! This one is No7 Gel Look Shine Summer Nail Colour in 'Lemon Drop'.
The next essential is a bit of a no brainer, but it's a pair of sunglasses. I bought these ones from Primark for around £2 and I absolutely love them, even if the round frames make look a little like an insect.
I speak from experience when I say this, that when it's sunny, a hat is a must. I burnt the top of my head the other day, and since then I really haven't stopped wearing this hat from Joules. Wearing a hat like this means you're protecting your head from the sun, while also looking reasonably stylish in the heat.
Finally, my latest obsession has been this FujiFIlm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera. You've probably seen people talking about these left right and centre so I'm going to spare you the details! These cameras are perfect to have in your bags on days out!
What are your summer essentials?

Battle of the Balms: Nivea 'V' Maybelline

Sunday, 13 July 2014

left to right: Intense Care, Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Mint Fresh, Nivea Essential Care, Pink Punch, Nivea Hydro Care, Cherry Me
When Baby Lips first hit the UK, I was completely brainwashed by their cute colourful packaging and their promise of baby soft lips. Being a lip balm addict it's not surprising I went out and bought all six. Initially I really loved them, however I've noticed that in my case, they don't really seem to have any affect on my lips. I found that on me, they aren't as moisturising as I hoped, and don't seem to do anything to my lips when I use them.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete Baby Lips hater. I actually really like the tinted ones in the collection, mainly because I think they are great for an effortless pop of colour on the go. All three of the colour ones are super pigmented and will be perfect for Summer when you just want to throw something on. Each one has a different scent and they all smell amazing. In terms of scent, Pink Punch definitely wins.
After deciding Baby Lips just weren't cutting it for me, I decided to repurchase a tried and tested favourite of mine, Nivea lip balms. These are the lip balms that I always seem to turn to when my lips are dry or cracked, as they are so nourishing and hydrating.
I bought three from the whole collection, one of which was coloured. It leaves a pale pink sheen on the lips, which is really good just to throw on (As you may have noticed, the pink one isn't in the picture, purely because I seem to have lost it when I went shopping last week). The other two are just clear lip balms, which I like to use when my lips aren't looking their best, or when they're just feeling slightly dry.
Nivea lip balms also smell amazing, however in terms of coloured balms, I have to say I favour Baby Lips as they have a wider range and a realy good colour pay off.
Overall, I have to side with Nivea in terms of how moisturising they are. However, I'm not a complete Baby Lips basher, as I would always chose them over any other balm when I want an effortless pop of colour.
Lily Mint.